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Rachel Summers (currently also known as Rachel Grey) comes from the alternate future known as Days of Future Past. After a stint with the X-Men and claiming the Phoenix Force, she became a founding member of Excalibur before sacrificing herself to save Captain Britain. She was sent into the future where she founded Clan Askani to fight Apocalypse and save her brother, Nathan Summers (Cable).

When Apocalypse was defeated, Rachel became trapped at the end of Time after having lost the Phoenix Force, and was eventually freed with the help of her brother. For a time, she retired from the superhero business to attend college, only to be captured by the Hellfire Club's Elias Bogan. After being rescued by her best friend Kitty Pryde, she rejoined the X-Men to continue her mission of preventing her future from happening again.

Taking up the surname and code-name of her deceased mother, Jean Grey, Rachel has recently endured the death of all of her maternal relatives (except Cable) at the hands of the Shi'Ar. She has joined with Professor Xavier and a team of X-Men to go to Shi'Ar territory to prevent her uncle, Gabriel Summers (Vulcan), from seeking vengeance on the Shi'Ar.

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